Monday, May 9, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

Saturday I worked out at cross fit.  When I did the pull up I used the blue band instead of the green band.  The green bands give you more resistance than the blue.  I am on my way doing a pull up with out any resistance. 

                                                           Saturday Cross fit Workout
                                                               Team or individual
                                                                        1k Row
                                                                50 thrusters (45)
                                                                   30 pull-ups

Once I finished my work out I had to take my little one to the doctor she was experiencing a sore throat, head ach, fever.  Once I was done.  I had to give her some antibiotics and nurse her back to health.

Sunday was mother’s day and this was my first year as a mother of two.   I ran with out the dog for 2 mile with out stopping before church stopped.  When we got back from church I did nothing!   Usually I wash or clean something but today was the day just to enjoy.  I hope everyone had a wonderful mother’s day. 

                                                   This is Tervis it holds hot and cold drinks.  I love it!!

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