Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Two things I am enjoying this Tuesday

Two for Tuesday
I went to a Sports Banquet last night and got home at an unusual time.  Once I was home and got the kids off to bed I wanted to stay up.  Today I need a nap. I remember when I was younger and no kids this would not affect me, but now it has.  Coffee has not even worked for me.  Well anyways. Two things I am enjoying this Tuesday.

1. My husband!!! Today he is the birthday boy.  I am blessed he is here with us celebrating another year.  He works hard and brings happiness to the family.  I will keep you posted on his birthday cake that I am making today. 

2. That I have 12 more days left of school.  I think once track season ended my mind checked out.  I am so ready to have the summer off and be a stay at home mother. 

Tell me two things you are enjoying today.

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