Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Well, I did it I am starting a new journey and new life style of my life, The Whole 30.  You can check the website out of all the details and testimonies of everyone that has gone through this chapter.  Some of you might think it’s not healthy but it is.  It’s not a fade or a quick fix.  Trust me I am not starving on this plan. This is not for the weak.  When I am all done with this I hope I will face my weakness for food and my taste buds will want more non process food.   I am on day 3 and I have cravings but it’s for bread. I have to turn my head when I see bread.   I have not craved sweets as much as I would think, but it is day 3. What I think what’s helping me is that I have planned my meals out for a whole week what I need to cook and pack for lunch the next day also I’m eating every 3 hours.  Yes, I am working out doing crossfit and running. There a few people at my crossfit gym that have done the whole 30 and look so lean. I hope the craving will stop!  Have you done the whole 30?
My beginning weight is 192
My waist is 35
Before picture is in process. 
If you have done the whole 30 please tell me your success story or negative story.   

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