Thursday, May 12, 2011

Jiggle Challenge

Well, baby steps.  I did not lose or gain, but I did maintain.  I know what I have done wrong and I am making the change today. Exercising for me is an outlet.  I enjoy running, and lifting weights.  I feel a self accomplishment from doing a hard exercise.  My down fall will be consuming too many calories not keeping up with what going into my mouth.  I love food!!  Before I had my son I would write down and consume enough water in a day.  I was that person that would know how much calories was on her plate before the waitress came to take the order.  This week I did not keep up with my log and did not drink enough water this week.   Also been eating out a lot, this weekend we are leaving for St. Louis and I will be eating out again.  I am going to make an effort to make the right choices.  Anyone know a healthy restaurant to eat at in  St. Louis MO?

I hope everyone challenge is going great.  I will keep you posted on my trip. 


  1. try to stay away from those St. Luis ribs lol...see ya for mondays workout!

  2. maybe have someone else order for you (who knows you're trying to eat healthier) so you're not tempted to order something unhealthy.

    just a thought i should practice myself since i'm heading to chicago this weekend :)

  3. I think these types of experiences always help with staying on track in the long run. Keep your chin up! Vacations are always tough with weight loss.

  4. I'd rather post a "maintain" than a "gain"! Stick with it - you can do it!