Tuesday, May 3, 2011

5k Race

This Saturday I ran my first 5K in five years.  It was over 600 runners there benefiting the youth in the community.  I was proud of myself just finishing.  I ran it 33 minutes, which I know I could do better if I trained harder.   I ran with my friend Alex Carter who is a fellow blogger and my friends from Crossfit. I am looking for another 5K to run this month and I have another race on May 21st called Beach to Bay.  More detail about the race when it gets closer to the time.  Sorry that I did not post yesterday I was just busy with work and home life.  Everyone have a great Tuesday.

                                                                Before the race

                                                                                  After the race

                                                                   Crossfit family


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  2. Congrats on running a 5K! That is definitely not easy! I'm your newest follower and hope you check out my blog too :)