Friday, February 11, 2011

New Dog

My family and I, got a new dog. 

Our old dog which was a Miniature Schnauzer named Tink died of kidney and liver failure.  We were all upset.  My daughter took it the worst.  She went to the school counselor  to talk about her feelings and what Tink meant to her.  She came home with a folder dedicated to Tink. In the folder she had stories and drawings.  It did not hit me until the next day that Tink was not coming back. I went to work and I was not in my right mind.   I use to laugh at people that would cry over the death of their dog but now I was that person.  Tink was a not a dog to us she was part of the family and another child of mind.  she would go every where with us.  It took me 4 days to get another dog.  I wanted another dog to replace the emptiness I felt since Tink was gone.  I looked on pet finder for a dog. I thought maybe I get a miniature schnauzer again but it seemed that they all looked like Tink and I would compare them to her.  I kept looking and i came across a dog name Gibson and she is a Boxer. I was a little scared because Tink was a lap dog and this dog is 55 pounds. Maybe she would be aggressive with me and other people.  I was wrong,  Boxers are great with kids and  outstanding running buddy.  I meet her faster parents and they told me Gibson was deaf but knew sign language. We  brought her home for a trial and it was a perfect fit!  She loves Renee and Landon and they  love her.

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